All this said below please keep in mind we have been dealing online for 5 years and maintained a 99.7% feedback rating in ebay. That means only 3 of 1000 people disagreed with our products and services. Considering the temperamental nature of some of our products (entrusting proper application of vinyl). I would say that is an awesome number! We can not please everyone, those people are just out there. Even being able to please 99 of 100 is reasonable, but we have exceeded that. Some of those complaints were simply angry people who never tried to contact us for additional service as well. We have built this name "Noizy Graphics" for the past 5 years and plan on providing better service, products and improvements in the years to come. Please rest assured and purchase with confidence, these are just the things we must cover!

  • RETURNS AND EXCHANGES ARE ACCEPTED WITHIN 14 DAYS OF RECEIPT. Due to how our site is optimized for ease as well as detailed product info we do not refund shipping costs to or from. Exchanges may require new shipping charges for reshipment as well. (Our mistakes are an exception, a photo may be required for filing tax losses)

  • NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES ON CUSTOM PRODUCTS. We will make every attempt to make them correctly even down to copying and pasting of desired text to avoid spelling errors size and etc. We file all custom designs to review for error. (things do happen on our part, this is the only exception, but please do not make something out of nothing!)

  • BUYER ASSUMES FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR CUSTOM VARIATIONS CHOSEN. The website is optimized for ease of use so this should not be a problem choosing correct things such as color and size is solely your responsibility.

  • RACING STRIPES AND PRODUCTS ALIKE CAN ONLY BE RETURNED IF COMPLETELY NEW AND AS RECEIVED. Any custom changes to the item voids this. Return shipping is covered by the buyer.

  • DUE TO THE NATURE OF OUR PRODUCTS WE DO NOT COVER APPLICATION ERRORS. Please be very careful installing any of our products. They are not hard to install. It is just a matter of patience and a little finesse. Please review our "Application & Care Inst." page. This will have some detailed information on how to handle our products properly.

  • WE HAVE THE RIGHT TO REFUSE SERVICE TO ANYONE AT ANYTIME. Please be respectful and reasonable and we will do the same. If you order a custom item and ask for more than what is listed for purchase we may refund you. As prior, we still ask nothing vulgar or offensive be requested of us in our custom section, nor anything overly extensive. Do not purchase a single/double line 12" decal and expect a book you plan on trimming up. This is not our first rodeo!

  • WE USE HIGH QUAILTY INDUSTRY GRADE MATERIALS FOR OUR VINYL PRODUCTS. Please do not ruin your product and blame this automatically on us because you have installed a decal once in your life before. Things do happen and we will hear you out with the right approach.

  • OUR GARMENTS ARE HIGH QUALITY, THICK AND DURABLE MATERIALS. We ourselves have been duped by cheap, thin & undersized garments and will not do the same to our buyers. We use high quality garments which are pretty standard sized and may even run a little larger for some breathing room. We have included a sizing chart in the product info. I am fairly confident they are fairly standard fit as this is the purpose of the manufacturers we use, but the sizing chart is there for your sake so please use it if unsure!

  • PRODUCTION & SHIPPING. We produce all of our products with the utmost care and always have. This is what has led to the success we have had thus far. Large Vinyl decals such as racing stripes and anything over 12" requires a poster tube for shipping. I am not sure you will see any vendors shipping a 96" racing stripe in a flat box anytime soon! haha! Due to transport the vinyl needs to be rolled up for shipment. Being rolled up you may experience some waves and so forth in removing and unrolling the product. This DOES NOT affect the actual product itself! I can assure you the product is flat as can be upon rolling up or packaging for shipment. We even pop any bubbles in the transfer tape so there is no air on that side of the tape it sticks to. What you are experiencing is air and the paper liner releasing trying to hold its form. That paper is removed and thrown away in install and you will not see any deformities in the vinyl after removal. You can peel it back and check for your self! This is just the nature of the product and the same applies for any minor creasing in the transfer tape. These two layers are removed and thrown away in install. We often see people apply a racing stripe dry and because they are unaware of what they are doing they then turn around and blame all of their trapped air and creases on us. Once you remove that paper there is not possibility for trapped air! Once you stick it to a surface, well you should get the rest! haha! We will not send anything out if it would be problematic. It would be scraped and reproduced. We are confident in our products! Small decals are shipped with a cardboard backing and are often rolled to be put in your mailbox. This does not harm your decal either. Vinyl actually comes stock on a roll. The same applies as above as you may see small deformities or air in the transfer tape. Again, Remember your final product is between those sheets that are thrown away. We are not saying your products are going to arrive looking like trash! Please do not take us wrong. We are just trying to dismiss any unnecessary concerns from transit. (In the event of the shipping service destroying your package and it looks like a dog chewed it up or something please contact us with a cell phone snapshot.. lol!)  

  • PRODUCT DEFECTS / REPLACEMENTS. Defects are something that can slip by our fingers at any moment, any day. We are humans as well and error is inevitable! We do take pride in our work, but are also aware these things happen. Please inspect your products thoroughly upon receipt and address any issues or concerns with us directly prior to application, wearing or washing. If there are concerns after the fact this may defer your chance for replacement or exchange. Photos are always a plus! Never throw anything away! We may authorize return shipping at our cost if an item is PROVEN defective. No games or attempts to ruin your products purposely. We may ask questions in regards. Please comply honestly. Again, this is not our first rodeo and we have seen it all the last 5 years! haha!

  • PRODUCT RETURNS. We will inspect all product returns upon exchange. We are honest and expect our buyers will share the same integrity. If you are returning an item please take care to package it safely to ensure it is returned to us in good condition. Do not lie about the condition of your item prior to returning it. If it does not meet the conditions we were made aware of we may ship it back to you. Please be as honest as possible to avoid wasting time and money for both of our sakes.

  • SHIPPING ADDRESSES. This is information is provided by you and is generated to our shipping labels without manual change. This information is solely the buyers responsibility. We will ship to the information we have received in paypal or your (secured) Stripes credit card transaction. Please ensure it is correct in your account or correctly typed in to avoid it going to the wrong place. We do not enter anything manually addressing packages so please be sure this is correct! This is actually to avoid manual error on our part. We will not reimburse shipping, pay reshipment fees or can not refund you until the item is returned to us. This is only fair, I mean think about it!

I think that about wraps it up for now. We will continue to sell quality products at an affordable price. Online transactions can be tricky. We will offer the same integrity we always have and hope our customers will do the same! Buy with confidence! We have been around for 5 years and plan on being around much longer! Thanks for viewing our Terms and Conditions page.