Hello! Welcome to our about us page!

Here is a little information about us. We are located just outside of Carson City, Nevada (The state Capital). We are a small outfit with a few employees. We are a Christian based company serving the Lord Jesus Christ and providing quality products worldwide since 2011 online. We were previously affiliated with ebay under the name NoizyGraphics. Some of you will remember us and be return quality customers as you were previously and some of you will be new comers. Welcome to the family!

 We pride ourselves in continuing to provide quality service for all of our customers and plan on continuing the same in the future years to come. Our initial goal in starting this company was to create bolder and more ministry effective options for Christians to display on there vehicles and have since then unexpectedly expanded into garments and other products in our long yet short journey thus far!

All of our products are not all Christian in nature as we do wish to extend the humor and creativity God has blessed us with in the mean time. We still refrain from producing or providing anything offensive or vulgar as you will see with many other online vendors. Some of our products are definitely subject to opinion though (for the less hearted of our customers)! I am to believe God has a sense of humor as well in all this! We were made in his likeness and image after all! HaHa!

We expanded our line of products further and have supplied many buyers with other quality products such as automotive graphics and plan on doing so in the future so please no questions in regards to being efficient with our means!.. We still do consider ourselves a Christian based company and maybe some of our decals and ministry tools may be offensive to some of our other customers! If they are we apologize, but at the same time we do not. Jesus hung with sinners (like us), ate with sinners (like us), Drank with sinners (like us), even died for a sinner like US! We ourselves are far from perfect, but do rest assured in the perfect forgiveness and salvation God has provided through His Son Jesus Christ and his perfect work on the cross!

The world needs some of that hope today! It can not be earned, only accepted! As any priceless gift, it is hard to accept. We must see the extent and depth of our depraved nature to truly see the need of a savior. That pride thing truly is a beast that is hard to contain! The Grace of God is very humbling though. We are not hyper-religious or preachy, just some modern day beggars pointing others to where the bread is. Salvation is free for all and we truly believe in the life changing power of Grace and right believing.

 That should about sum the "about us" up! Thanks for taking the time to learn more about the Noizy family, your support is greatly appreciated! Grace and Peace be with you! 

*Our future plans are to expand our garment options greatly. We want to offer more urban styles for our younger generation. We have previously targeted decals and plan on targeting holy hip hop or gospel rap inspired urban clothing. Please be patient and keep checking back for new updates as we launch our website!